Simple New Method: Lowers The Cost Of Getting Solar Panels By Up To 85% & Let’s Anyone Produce Their Own Power At Home

Here’s What’s In The DIY Home Energy™ System…

The full video course with nearly 3 hours of video footage


In the video course, Tim Baker and Jeff Davis show you how to build and use your own professional, high efficiency solar panel system. As you watch the videos, you simply follow along and build your solar panel system with us.

Plus a Detailed Companion Guide for each video in the course


Each guide is step-by-step, full of pictures, and very detailed so you’re not left with any questions. So you can follow along, take notes, and reference these guides while you watch the instructional videos!

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$237 $99


With DIY Home Energy™…

Save On Solar Panels & Generate Solar Power

What You’ll Learn With
The DIY Home Energy™ System Will Help You To:

Only Today… 3 Exclusive Bonuses

[Bonus One] The DIY Wind Turbine Program

This will show you step-by-step how to easily build your own high-powered, residential wind turbine for under $190 using all readily available parts and tools! That’s a fraction of what it would cost to buy a comparable pre-fabricated wind turbine!

With this powerful, yet, simple wind turbine …you’ll be able to turn every calm breeze or strong wind into additional energy for your home.

This wind turbine will be the perfect complimentary device to your solar panels. In fact, I’ve long thought that using solar panels and wind turbines together are the perfect duo when it comes to creating homemade power.

With both your professional quality solar panels and also your professional quality wind turbine, you will be able to create power no matter what time of day or night it is, or what the weather is like.

[Bonus Two] The Solar, Wind, and Battery Bank Sizing Calculator

Now, with just a click of a button, you’ll know exactly what your power usage and energy savings are. You’ll also know exactly how much energy you need to generate and how many solar panels you need to connect to meet your power needs!

So if you want to create a small portable power system to keep your devices charged while camping or as an emergency power source, this calculator will show you exactly what you need to do this.

Or if you want to power your entire off-grid cabin, this calculator will show you exactly what you need for that larger job as well!

This exclusive calculator takes all the guess work out of using solar panels and wind turbines …and makes the whole process extremely easy!

[Bonus Three] The Advanced Power Savings Guide

This shows you exactly how to lower your energy bills by up to 35% with simple tips, tricks, and small jobs around your home.

This guide even shows you how to use a simple little device that stops phantom energy loads and energy spikes in your home, which will reduce your energy bill by up to an additional 18%!

This guide will help you lower your energy usage without sacrificing your lifestyle. And another benefit of this guide is… if you use less power, that means it will be easier to cover all of your power needs with a DIY Home Energy™ System!

Here’s What’s Included With DIY Home Energy…

…which all adds up to $237!


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